Bosch CP4 High-Pressure Common Rail Pump

High Motor Performance with Low Consumption.

With over 60 million CP4 pumps and up to 500,000 start stop applications, the Bosch CP4 pump is a highly successful high pressure diesel fuel injection pump in today’s competitive market.

Boasting a flexible modular design, CP4 pumps have a wide range of applications and can deliver up to 2,700 bar.

The fuel-lubricated CP4 can consist of either one or two high-pressure elements, each situated in a housing and driven by a camshaft which moves the pump pistons to create the required high pressure.
See our Authorised Bosch Exchange Programme and full remanufacture of a CP4 Pump below.


Demand based delivery.

Fuel is delivered via a low-pressure connection from the fuel tank to the pump, which is then transferred from high-pressure connectors on both pump elements to the rail.  The metering unit, which electronically controls the requirement-driven supply of the pump, is connected to the engine control unit enabling delivery of the required quantity of fuel.  Fuel which is not required by the pump flows back into the tank at low-pressure.

Bosch High Pressure CP4 Diesel Fuel Pump

Range of customised variants.

With a modular construction, CP4 high-pressure pumps can be adapted to various performance applications to suit the customer’s OE needs.  Use of an electric suction valve (eSV) can improve the hydraulic efficiency of the pump compared to the metering unit variant.  The ability to handle pressure levels from 1,800 to 2,700 bar means the CP4 can be used for on/ off-highway applications covering passenger cars, light and medium commercial vehicles, up to small heavy commercial vehicles.  The versatility of Bosch CP4 pumps, with its robust design which is standardised for country-specific fuel qualities, is tailor-made to each application giving an increased lifetime and maximum flow rate.

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