Bosch Authorised Exchange Programme

Merlin Diesel Systems Ltd remanufacture an extensive range of Bosch diesel injectors and pumps. Bosch are a leading global supplier of vehicle components, technology and services.

At Merlin, we have a fully Bosch-authorised diesel workshop facility, and our Bosch-trained technicians use the latest original equipment production methods. Our workshop uses the most advanced diesel technology in both test equipment and OE software updates.

All wearable parts and critical components are inspected and replaced with genuine Bosch parts using the correct disassembly and assembly tooling.


Watch the video below for an insight into our Bosch remanufacturing process at Merlin:


As shown in the above video, at Merlin we have a rigorous eight-step-process that every unit must go through in its remanufacturing journey.

These eight steps include:

  1. Core evaluation
  2. Unit disassembly
  3. Component cleaning
  4. Component inspection
  5. Replacement of worn and critical components with genuine Bosch parts
  6. Unit assembly
  7. Test and calibration
  8. Protect, cap and package


Remanufacture Key Features:

  • Built with new Bosch OE components
  • Tested and calibrated to Bosch OE specifications
  • Remanufactured units follow the same fit, form and function as OE units.
  • One-year, unlimited mileage warranty


Bosch Remanufactured Units Available at Merlin include:

  • Common Rail Injectors and Pumps: Covering Car/ Light Commercial/ Off-Highway
  • EUI and EUP: Covering Truck Applications – PD, Scania, Iveco, Volvo, Actros, Atego
  • Rotary: VA, VE, VP – Covering Off Highway/ Agricultural/ Car/ Light Commercial applications
  • Inline: A Type, H Type, P Type, MW Type – Covering Bus/ Truck/ Marine applications


Being an official distributor of Bosch authorised repair parts, Merlin’s ability to cater for this sector is unrivalled. We hold over 20 million pounds of stock, with over 80 thousand active product lines, combined with our next day dispatch policy, we can comfortably meet demand.


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