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The Bosch Group is a global-leading technology and service supplier that covers four business sectors: Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Mobility Solutions, and Energy and Building Technology. Bosch’s innovation allows the production of top-quality products, technology, solutions, and software. With 129 engineering locations worldwide (as of September 2021) and a 2020 sales revenue of 71.5 billion euros, it is clear why Bosch’s vision and expertise are dominant globally.


The Bosch Group and Merlin Diesel Systems

Merlin provide various Bosch diagnostic solutions to improve workshop operations.

Merlin also supply and distribute a wide range of Bosch Benches, Software, Parts, as well as Diagnostics. Specifically, this article focuses on Bosch Diagnostics, however you can read about Merlin’s supply of Bosch Software, Parts, and Benches by clicking the links.


Bosch FSA 050 Handheld Multimeter

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The Bosch FSA 050 high-voltage Multimeter tests all electrical drive systems and is the fast and convenient way to competently troubleshoot faults with electric and hybrid vehicles.


Features of the FSA 050:

  • Standalone tester: Get fast results with insulation and high-voltage testing for electric and hybrid drives.
  • Combines as a test module with FSA 500 or FSA 720/ 740: Enhance functionality and output to comprehensively document measurement test results.
  • Compact (220mm x 110mm x 65mm): Handy size for efficient working.
  • Lightweight (0.8kg): The mobile solution around the workshop.
  • Bluetooth interface: Ultimate convenience – wirelessly transmit test results to workshop PC or FSA series.
  • Complete with storage case, two measuring cables, high-voltage probe, CD/ DVD CompacSoft[plus] and Bluetooth USB stick: It’s the economical package for testing electrical drive systems.


Benefits of the FSA 050:

  • Increased versatility and competence during troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive functions such as voltage, resistance, capacity, and continuity testing
  • Allows testing and measuring for: electrical and hybrid insulation, capacitor, and piezo injector integration
  • Flexible as a standalone device or as a special accessory
  • Cost-effective entry to the diagnostics of electric and hybrid vehicles


For more information on the Bosch FSA 050 Handheld Multimeter, please click HERE



Bosch KTS 250 ECU Diagnostic Tool

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For 30 years, Bosch diagnostic solutions, including KTS and ESI[tronic] workshop software, have been easing everyday workshop life. With vast and continually updated system databases, the Bosch ECU tools enable you to control, diagnose, troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your customers’ vehicles.

The KTS diagnostic testers allow workshops to perform control unit diagnoses from more than 90,000 vehicle models of more than 150 different makes. In conjunction with the Bosch ECU Diagnostic Tools, Merlin offer the latest Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 Software Solutions, enabling more efficient and effective maintenance, service and repairs.


Features of the KTS 250:

  • ECU identification
  • Reading/ deleting error memory
  • Actual valves
  • Actuators
  • Function tests
  • Adjustments/ settings
  • Special functions for service procedures
  • Bosch Connected Repair


Benefits of the KTS 250:

  • Ready to use within seconds
  • Modern, simplistic, and intuitive functionalities for all vehicle diagnostic work
  • Online updates
  • Lightening-fast and best in class vehicle system overview (ECU and DTC)
  • Plug & Play – online licensing
  • Excellent vehicle coverage via the integrated ESI[tronic] diagnostic database


For more information on the Bosch KTS ECU Diagnostic Tool, please click HERE



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