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Merlin Diesel are Central Distributors for Stanadyne in the UK & Eire

Stanadyne are a global developer and manufacturer of fuel pumps and injectors for diesel and gasoline engines, specialising in both aftermarket and remanufactured components for improved vehicle engine care.

With focus on design, engineering, and providing solutions, Stanadyne strive for assurance in quality and reductions in emissions.

As Merlin Diesel Systems Ltd are authorised distributors for Stanadyne, we aim to represent Stanadyne’s technological advances in their manufacturing through high-quality products offered on our Merlin website. Currently offering a wide range of rotary diesel pumps, fuel injectors, and accessories, you can shop Merlin’s range of Stanadyne products here.


Shop the Stanadyne range at Merlin Diesel Systems Ltd

  • 25,000 Sqft Production Centre

    One of the largest and most sophisticated diesel workshops in the world

  • Merlin HQ

    Purpose-built distribution centre in Preston, Lancashire housing over 50.000 parts.

  • Test Equipment Division

    Design and manufacture of an ever evolving range of diesel injector and pump testing service equipment.

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