Course Overview

At the heart of the world’s leading EURO 6 heavy duty diesel engines, you’ll find a Delphi F2E, F2P & F2R injector. You won’t want to miss out! And who better to learn from than the OE manufacturer. This in-depth course will teach you everything you need to know about F2E, F2P & F2R. On completion you will be able to diagnose and repair faults on the Delphi F2 series of injectors. This includes the ability to perform test procedures to exacting OE standards, using the Hartridge CRI-PRO test bench and other test equipment, as well as specialist tooling and exclusive technical data.

Length1 days.
AudienceExperience on Delphi E3 and/or EUP-Smart is advisory but not essential.
Skill LevelDiesel Repair Technician.
GuidanceThe course teaches how to diagnose and repair the Delphi F2E, F2P and F2R Injectors (non-pumping only)

Course Content

  • The principles and operation of the Delphi F2E, F2P and F2R fuel systems found in EURO 6 heavy duty diesel engines
  • A detailed overview of the parts
  • A detailed overview of the test equipment, set-up and use
  • A detailed overview of Delphi  fault diagnoses and repair procedures
  • A detailed overview the Delphi Direct Evolution system
  • The correct procedures for setup and use of the Hartridge Cri-Pro.

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