DC 80-EM Test Stand

The Merlin DC 80-EM is a low profile test stand, designed principally for the calibration of larger, single cylinder fuel injection pumps as found in marine, rail and heavy-duty industrial applications. The DC 80-EM has Flywheel, Inertia and drive specifications tailored to suit customer requirements.Model DC 80-EM incorporates the Merlin S600M/20 positive displacement metering unit, replacing graduates fitted to the standard unit. Monitoring and measurement in bar graph and numeric format on a 10" TFT colour display. Input/output data and control of measuring system is either by touch screen menu or soft touch push button switches.APPLICATIONS
  • MPU 300-1 Uprated cambox for W46/ZA40S size/type pumps (300mm).
  • MPU 300 General purpose heavy duty cambox generally for up to 35 mm test cam lift (300mm).
  • MPU 50 For EDM, Woodward, Caterpillar 3500 EUI & MUI, Volvo, Scania, Iveco Eui (125mm or 175).
  • MPU 45 For L’Orange, Ruston, Woodward and Allen unit injectors (175mm).
  • MPC175 1,3 or 4 cylinder cambox with maximum 24mm test cam lift (175mm).
  • CAT 3600 Special production cambox for Caterpillar 3600 mechanical unit injector.
  • Can cater for up to 50mm cam lift and 50mm plunger Diameter units.
A  unique robust heavy duty design weighing 5080kg the DC 80-EM gives the customer multiple options to meet the challenges of testing industrial size Bucket and Roller type pumps.A DC Thyristor controlled, fan vented motor is controlled via a rotary potentiometer with a variable ramp rate pre-set by digital control.Water cooled heat exchanger with microprocessor-based digital controller with thermocouple.Large scaled graduates for high volume accuracy.Flywheel in excess of ISO standards.Mobile calibrating and injector mounting rigs are also available for testing heavy-duty multi-cylinder fuel injection pump (C series/R series).
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