Delphi DS-Flash™ Pass-Through INTERMEDIATE KIT SV60123

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Delphi DS-Flash (without battery support unit)

The gateway between vehicle, independent garage and vehicle manufacturer.

Since 2007 EU regulations have required that vehicle manufacturers ensure the independent aft ermarket can access vehicle soft ware updates via the internet. Some manufacturers also off er full dealer level diagnostics to independent workshops. The Delphi DSFlash™ Pass-Thru package enables technicians to take advantage of this opportunity without the need for special, dedicated dealer only tools.

Includes the following:

  • Delphi DS-Flash™ VCI with PC and vehicle connection cables.
  • PC pre-configured for VAG Group, BMW, General Motors and Toyota, Lexus, Jaguar Land Rover SDD.
  • PC – rugged design, compatible with the workshop environment and fully compliant with OEMs’ diagnostics and re-programming requirements.
  • Dedicated BMW cable kit.
  • 12 months comprehensive Service and Technical support.

Functions Perform dealer-level diagnostics (where off ered by the vehicle manufacturer). Download soft ware updates for emission-related ECUs (certain manufacturers allow soft ware updates for all ECUs). Update Digital Service Records (DSR) - where applicable. Access to OE technical data and service schedule information.

Benefits to the Technician Ability to download and update soft ware. Increases customer retention and profi t by off ering services previously only available from VM dealerships.

Delphi would like to make all customers aware who purchase this tool, that due to Vehicle Manufacturers updates, this tool may be required to be returned to Delphi to be re-configured. This may incur a cost to the customer which is beyond Delphi`s control. ‘

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