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Bosch FSA 720 Portable Measuring ModuleVehicle systems and components are increasingly complex, and a modular diagnosis platform is the practical way to ensure efficiency today and flexibility tomorrow. The FSA 720 system tester has extensive sensor equipment for productive, uninterrupted working – you won’t need to keep changing the sensor – and with 10 sensor slots, there’s also one available for future sensor technology.The versatile FSA 720 provides convenient measuring and testing of engine-related signals through to components.Features and Benefits:
  • 50 pre-set component tests (CompacSoft[plus] subscription required): Test in-situ vehicle components in no time at all
  • High-performance 2-channel oscilloscope with high sample rate (50 MS/s): Capture electric waveforms quickly for a highly accurate and speedy resolution of electrical issues
  • Battery discharge measurement over 24 hours: Extensive electronic measurement equipment helps diagnose difficult-to-locate battery issues and finds frequent causes of starting problems
  • Intuitive SystemSoft[plus] software with menu-guided steps: Clear and concise for fast and accurate vehicle system testing
  • Powerful Bluetooth connection to PC: Convenient for mobile use
  • Extendable solution: Combine with KTS modules for integrated display of actual value from ECU diagnostics. Use with FSA 050 for enhanced testing of electric/hybrid vehicles
  • Tailored accessories: Check out the many probes, sensors and packages available for optimal use within a professional workshop
  • Measurement module with sensor mount
  • Stand
  • Power supply unit with power cord
  • SystemSoft[plus] system software
  • Connecting cable Multi 1 and Multi 2
  • Connecting cable B+/B-
  • Connecting cable term. 1/15
  • Sensor 3 x KV+/red
  • Sensor 3 x KV-/black
  • Clip-on trigger
  • Current probe 1000 A
  • Stroboscope
  • Oil temperature sensor
  • Air pressure measurement with hose
  • 30 A clamp
Power unit supply voltage90 – 264VAC/47 – 63 Hz
Operating temperature range5°C to 40°C
Dimensions (W x H x D)550 x 210 x 200 mm
Weight8 kg
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