Delphi BEBE4D19002 E3 EUI Diesel Injector

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This is a genuine Delphi (BEBE4D19002)  brand new boxed unit.

The unit has been sourced direct from the manufacturer and will be supplied in the original sealed packaging.

New units do not have a refundable Surcharge.

Each brand-new unit comes with a full one-year guarantee and will be supplied with the required ECU codes if applicable.

Please check the part number is correct before purchase.

Please see where to find part numbers here.

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    HYUNDAI 33800-84820

    Brand Delphi
    Make Model Year Engine Engine_number
    HYUNDAI AERO QUEEN | EXPERSS 12.3D 05/10- 12.3D 280KW D6CC
    HYUNDAI AERO QUEEN | EXPERSS 12.3D 05/2010 - 12.3L 280Kw D6CC
    HYUNDAI HD HEAVY 12.3D 01/12- 12.3D 280KW D6CC
    HYUNDAI HD HEAVY 12.3D 01/2012 - 12.3L 280Kw D6CC
    HYUNDAI HD HEAVY 12.3D 10/10- 12.3D 280KW D6CC3H
    HYUNDAI HD HEAVY 12.3D 10/2010 - 12.3L 280Kw D6CC3H
    HYUNDAI L SERIES 12.7D 01/07- 12.7D 368KW L500
    HYUNDAI L SERIES 12.7D 01/2007 - 12.7L 368Kw L500
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 01/10- 12.3D 314KW D6CC
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 01/2010 - 12.3L 314Kw D6CC
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 08/08-01/10 12.3D 317KW D6CC42
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 08/09-01/10 12.3D 280KW D6CC38
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 08/2008 - 01/2010 12.3L 317Kw D6CC42
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE EXPRESS 12.3D 08/2009 - 01/2010 12.3L 280Kw D6CC38
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE SPACE 12.3D 09/11- 12.3D 280KW D6CC
    HYUNDAI UNIVERSE SPACE 12.3D 09/2011 - 12.3L 280Kw D6CC

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