S400-5 CR

The Merlin S400-5CR is a 700 bar air operated, automated injector tester used for testing and adjusting Common Rail and conventional automotive injectors. The S400-5CR incorporates the Merlin S500-2 and  the S300-1 common rail trigger box. Designed and developed with the following functions:-
  • Opening pressure
  • chatter test (atomization)
  • spray pattern
  • seat leakage
  • back-leakage
All controls and instruments are grouped together for operator convenience and include the latest Merlin S500-2 display monitor, flow control valve, light and fume extraction control.Left or Right handed operation with a robust construction.Illuminated spray chamber to give a good view of injector spray form. A variable rate air operated fume extraction system with optional Perspex spray arrestor further assists the extraction operation.Standard tank features include sight level gauge, quick release filler cap and magnetic drain plug.The Merlin S300-1 is a single unit designed to test both electro-hydraulic and piezo type injectors. Designed to operate Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Siemens common rail injectors.When used in conjunction with a Merlin S400A or S425A air operated injector tester, a common rail injector can be operated sufficiently to observe the nozzle spray pattern and measure the back-leak time.It can also be used with manually operated injector testers.Fault detection of injector short circuit, injector open circuit, incorrect injector type connected.Supplied complete with electrical mains cable, connection cable with 4 adaptor cables to suit Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Piezo and general purpose applications.The Merlin S500-2 Display Monitor has been designed for accurate performance testing, production line testing and quality over checking of diesel fuel injectors and nozzles.The repeatable and reliable digital display of pressure eliminates errors normally found in conventional analogue pressure gauges due to hysteresis in gauge readings,possible undetected mechanical damage, gauge inaccuracies and gauge needle bounce when setting Nozzle Opening Pressure.Print out of test results from the thermal image printer.
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