S450-1 Marine Injector Tester

The S450-1 has been designed for the performance testing of larger high pressure diesel fuel injectors as found in rail, marine and power generation applications.The S450-1 is air operated, eliminating operator fatigue and is designed to carry out all standard tests:
  • Nozzle opening pressure
  • Chatter test (atomization)
  • Spray pattern
  • Seat leakage
  • Back-leak.
A variable pumping rate allows for critical analysis of nozzle spray form and line pressure can be held to enable stable pressure dry seat testing.During atomization the large illuminated spray chamber with built in fume extraction system offers a clear view of the nozzle tip.The S450-1 is supplied with a dual scale analogue pressure gauge and the Merlin S500-2 digital display injector opening pressure monitor and integral printer.The S500-2 has been designed for accurate performance testing, production line testing and quality over checking of diesel fuel injectors and nozzles.Individual test results can be recorded on the S500-2’s built-in printer.The robust self-draining horizontal worktable will accommodate the largest of injectors. Quick release V-clamps secure the injector in the working position and if required, special mountings can be manufactured to customer requirements.
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