S600M Video Metering Unit

The S600M is am positive piston displacement heavy duty metering unit specifically designed for end of production line testing of large single cylinder pumps and unit injectors.The S600M is also available to the F.I.E. field service operator where more critical over-checking of pump delivery is essential.Monitoring and measurement is in bar graph and numeric format on a 10" TFT colour display.Input/output data and control of measuring system is either by touch screen menu or soft touch push button switches.The injected fuel displaces the metering piston, this movement is measured by an optical non-contact linear encoder which produces a signal of one pulse per one micron of piston movement.Control systems and software designed for Merlin compute this signal and displays the fuel delivery on the screen in the measurement units, updates are manually controlled by the operator. An additional signal from the test oil temperature measuring probe located in the piston chamber is used to calculate the volume of displacement at a test oil temperature of 40°C.The S600M is designed to be completely mobile and therefore does not require to be leveled before operation. The height of the metering unit can be adjusted by 50mm.Individual test results can be recorded on the built in printer.
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