Test Equipment

T: +44(0)1772 694180 E: equip@merlindiesel.com

Merlin Test Equipment design and manufacture a wide range of field service test equipment at Merlin’s current production facility (Preston). Over our seventy years in operation, Merlin have developed a comprehensive portfolio of products ranging from bespoke machines for clients including: Rolls Royce (marine), Caterpillar, U.S, Royal and French Navies, to more mass produced equipment for smaller automotive businesses. Our products are in service world wide and our after market support reflects our upmost commitment to our customers.

The product range includes injector and pump testing service equipment for automotive, light and heavy commercial, plant, industrial, rail and marine, as well as a selection of accessories from camboxes, mobile calibrating rigs pump mounting brackets, ultrasonic tanks to test injectors, test pipes and tool kits. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or services please do not hesitate to contact us on +44(0)1772 694180 or email to equip@merlindiesel.com

For Test plan enquiries please email: testplan@merlindiesel.com