EDC Pumps


EDC Pumps

Merlin’s Electronic Diesel Control division (EDC) is a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians. All fully trained in Delphi, Bosch, Zexel and Denso.
This division prides itself on product knowledge, acquiring parts and having the equipment and systems in place to minimise customer vehicle off road time. Being equipped with test platforms from the main manufactures plus our own purpose built test equipment, Merlin’s EDC division has the quality and resources our customers can rely on.
Our service exchange program is wide ranging and our test and report service is efficient and professional, offering expert advice within 24 hours of receiving a customer unit.

Test Equipment

Bosch 815: Authorised for testing Bosch H type, Zexel VRZ & EEPROM

Hartridge AVM-PC2: Authorised for testing Epic, DP210 & DP310

Merlin CVM: Set up for testing VRZ & EEPROM

Merlin CVM Mk2: Set up for testing  VRZ, EEPROM and Bosch H type inline