HK1400 Expert: Universal-Bench EUI/EUP Cambox

The HK1400 is designed to bridge the gap between OEM approved EUI/EUP repair workshops and the general diesel EUI/EUP repair market.It is a solution for all makes of EUI and EUP, yet its functionality, accuracy and robustness remains distinctly Hartridge.The HK1400 has been engineered so that there is no compromise on accuracy and repeatability of test results, yet the solution has to be affordable for all progressive diesel workshops worldwide.By utilising and adapting our existing Magmah software, keeping development costs to a minimum, it has enabled us to focus on the engineering of the hardware to ensure you get the best there is.Key Features Overview
  • Create, edit, save test plan
  • Fully customisable test steps and limits
  • Automatic test plan creation feature
  • Load, display, edit and store
  • injector/customer information
  • Clear and easy to understand test results
  • Save, print and email test reports
  • Select from 16 languages
  • Fully configurable pulse widths
  • Set up to 10 delivery test steps
  • Actuator resistance test
  • Nozzle response time test
The HK1400 Expert is compatible with the following Test Stands:
  • Merlin EM Series
  • Hartridge AVM2-PC, Majestic, AVM1
  • Bosch EPS 807,815,625
  • Rabotti BD860, ST 860, BD960, BD970, BD1060
  • Corona EPS619
  • Nova Ditex EDX611D
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