Mechanical Pumps

and Injectors

Mechanical Pumps & Injectors

Merlin’s Mechanical Pump division have years of experience in this market, over time this expertise has enabled us to offer an unparalleled service. Our qualified technicians are fully trained from the smaller automotive units through to larger 12 cylinder industrial and marine applications.
Merlin stands apart from it competitors with over 50,000 parts in stock and an extensive range of donor units leaving very few applications we cannot offer a service on. Merlin is committed to providing this specialised service and utilizing our extensive experience to keep our customers vehicles operational.
Our service exchange program is wide ranging and our test and report service is efficient and professional, offering expert advice within 24 hours of receiving a customer unit.

Test Equipment

Bosch 815: Authorised for all types of Bosch and Zexel fuel pump including all inline, VE, VA, EDC, VRZ and EEPROM

Hartridge AVM-PC2: Authorised for all types of Delphi and Stanadyne pumps including DPA, DP200, DP210, DP310, EPIC, DB2, DB4 & DM.

Merlin CVM: Test and re-calibrate all makes inline and rotary units current set up on Zexel VRZ & EEPROM

Merlin CVM Mk2: Test and re-calibrate all makes inline and rotary currently set up for H type Inline, VRZ & EEPROM

Merlin MM8-10: Test and re-calibrate all makes inline and rotary pumps currently set up for VE & DPA