Test Benches

Merlin Diesel have been manufacturing Diesel Test Benches for over 50 years and we are one of the world’s leading Test Bench producers.

We have a range of Diesel Test Benches for the testing of both Diesel Injectors and Diesel Pumps. Our Bench range covers solutions for passenger vehicles, light and medium commercial, Commercial vehicles, Off-Highway, Agricultural and also Rail and Marine.

The types of diesel products our Test Equipment can test is diverse, we cover mechanical pump and Injectors from Bosch inline pumps to single stage Injectors, we have Common Rail benches that will test pumps and Injectors as well as EUI and HEUI.

Not only do we produce our own solutions, we are authorised distributors for Bosch Test Equipment to the diesel network in the UK and Ireland, we are also national distributors for Hartridge Test Equipment similarly in the UK and Ireland. For more information contact:
[email protected]
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1–12 of 119

  • 25,000 Sqft Production Centre

    One of the largest and most sophisticated diesel workshops in the world

  • Merlin HQ

    Purpose-built distribution centre in Preston, Lancashire housing over 50.000 parts.

  • Test Equipment Division

    Design and manufacture of an ever evolving range of diesel injector and pump testing service equipment.

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