Hartridge CRi-Pro


The CRi-Pro is a powerful and highly advanced 4-line common rail injector test bench that replaces the CRi-PC. The CRi-Pro is an OE authorised test solution for the following Delphi Technologies injector repair programs; C2i, C3i, C4i and the (Euro VI) F2 series.In addition, its' extensive all-makes capability offers a level of versatility and flexibility that accommodates the demands of any diesel workshop.The CRi-Pro has been engineered from the ground-up on an all-new platform, designed wholly with the workshop technician in mind. It's user friendly and injector set up takes less time, it tests the latest high pressure/high flow injectors and there is more space to work in. Most impressively however, it tests C2i and C3i up to 20-30% faster than the CRi-PC.

Key Features

  • Up to 2700 bar pressure
  • Powerful 11kw motor
  • Easy-to-use user-interface throughout
  • Closed loop technology
  • Advanced injector diagnostics
  • Vast all-makes testplan and injector coding database
  • Enhanced Euro VI response time measurement for authorised testing
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Reduced cycle time on C2i, C3i and C4i injectors
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