S4000 MK 2 Test Stand

The Merlin S4000 MK 2 is a fully automatic common rail test bench designed and developed with the following functions:-Tests BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI and SIEMENS injectors.Tests solenoid valve and Piezo injectors.Automatically measures and displays delivered fuel quantity.Tests the seal performance of injectors and delivery under different working conditions as follows:-
  • Pre-injection
  • Idle
  • Mid-range
  • Max fuel
Operator can add data and customer information. This data can be viewed printed and saved.Equipped with original Bosch CP3 pump, rail, DRV and ZME.Test oil temperature controlled to 40±2 °C, built-in cooling system.Feeding pressure can be adjusted 0-6 bar.INJECTOR TESTER
  • Test injection & return volume under VL, TL, LL, VE and VE2 status.
  • Atomization test to check for blocked nozzles.
  • Sealing test to check for leaks.
  • Merlin S1000 all makes coding is available on this test bench.
  • Capability to generate IMA C2i/C3i and QR Correction code for each individual injector.
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