Hartridge AVM2-PC Test Stand

AVM2-PC Test Stand

The AVM2-PC Test Stand is an advanced personal computer based diesel fuel pump test stand that is designed to save you time. In fact, it can save you as much as 50% of the time it takes to use another test bench.The secret of the AVM2-PC is in its ease of use. Although it is a sophisticated piece of equipment, it allows the operator to use the test stand quickly, so you can potentially test more diesel pumps using the AVM2-PC than you could using another test stand system. Combined with the ability to test “All Makes” of fuel injection equipment, the AVM2-PC becomes the obvious choice.

Main Features

  • Flexible with Hartridge accessories – can test in-line, Rotary, Common Rail pumps and EUI, EUP and Common Rail Injectors
  • PC with Windows™ operating system
  • Pressure phasing to 80 bar
  • Anti-Backlash Coupling
  • Two variable DC supplies (0-24V @ 3 amp)
  • Cooled metering unit
  • Back leakage temperature measurement at pump outlet
  • Auxiliary socket for external calibrator control and point of injection sensors
  • Analogue speed trim for fine control of governors
  • Digital pressure displays
  • Drive “nudge” control
  • Auto Step test plan editor and execution
  • Compact dimensions compared with other machines
  • 12 or 8 cylinder advanced video metering
  • 20 hp (15 kW) DC high torque motor
  • 1.8kgm2 (43Ibft2) flywheel
  • Display of pump output and test stand operating data via 15” TFT
  • Digital Dynamic phasing (optional)
  • Digital Dynamic timing (optional)
  • Digital Advance (optional)
  • Digital Boost (optional)
  • Digital Rack (optional)
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