VP Repair


VP Repair Re-calibration

Merlin Diesel have a long standing commitment to our Bosch VP service and repair program. With many years of experience, the knowledge Merlin have acquired ensure our fully qualified staff have the expertise, equipment and systems in place to diagnose and repair any fault encountered. We remain dedicated to provide this service and continually work with Bosch to ensure our prices remain competitive.
Our service exchange program is wide ranging and our test and report service is efficient and professional, offering expert advice within 24 hours of receiving a customer unit.

Test Equipment

Bosch 815 x 2: Fully equipped to re-calibrate any Bosch VP pump.*

*not able to test or repair any twin ECU type no spare parts or test is available.

Technical Data

The Diesel fuel injection system with VP radial piston pump fitted is equipped with two ECU’s for electronic diesel control (EDC): An engine ECU and an injection pump ECU. On one hand, the provision of two ECU’s is necessary in order to prevent overheating of certain electronic components, and on the other to prevent interference signals caused by high currents (up to 20 A) required for controlling the solenoid valve.

The pump ECU collects data from the sensors in the pump. These provide data on angle of rotation and fuel temperature which is then processed to determine injection parameters. At the same time the vehicle ECU processes data from external sensors concerning the engine conditions to calculate the actuator-mechanism adjustments necessary at the engine.

This allows the pump to control the injection of fuel at the correct time, in the correct quantity and at as high a pressure possible (up to 1600 bar at the nozzle) ensuring the engine runs as quietly and economically as possible.