H12-30E Test Stand

The Merlin H12-30E Test Stand has been designed principally to test heavy duty in-line, V or single cylinder diesel fuel Injection pumps.A selection of mobile injector mount/calibration units, camboxes and fuel pump mounting brackets are available to enable testing of a variety of pump types.Options are available in 4, 6, 8, 16 and 18 cylinder capacity.Remote control panel duplicates motor start/stop, shot-count start/drain and speed control only and is designed to locate either side of test bench bulkhead. When plugged into the socket the relevant controls on the front panel are disabled.Two 2.5 Kw heater elements fitted in test oil tank. Microprocessor-based digital controller with thermo-couple.INJECTIONInjection is via the R series Mobile Cylinder Injector Mounting Unit.
  • The unit will accept standard 'T', 'S' and orifice plate test injectors for multi-cylinder fuel pumps.
  • A heavy duty damper and valve selector system is incorporated for testing single cylinder fuel pumps.
  • Single cylinder test injectors are positioned remotely on a universal fixture mounted on the test bench bed.
METERINGMetering is via the C series Mobile Calibration Unit.
  • Solenoid operated bottom fill/bottom drain graduates.
  • The unit has 12 x 0-1000mm³graduates for multi-cylinder pumps.
  • 3 additional graduates as follows for single cylinder pump testing:
  • Electronic shot count unit range 1 to 9999 adjustable in single selectable increments, display indicates decreasing count down.
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